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Welcome to The Healing Circle.
The Healing Circle is a shared celebration by a group of people who come together to honour the eight old festivals marking the Agrarian year.

This is a chance for us to reclaim their meaning and our links to sun, moon, earth and nature. For the Northern hemisphere, these are: Yule (21/22 December), Imbolc (1/2 February), Ostara (the Spring Equinox – 21/22 March), Beltane (1 May), Litha (Summer Solstice – 21/22 June), Lughnasadh (1/2 August), Modron (the Autumn Equinox – 21/22 September), and finally Samhain (31 October).

Linked to rites of agriculture – to the sowing or to the harvest, to the increasing or diminishing of the light – each of these dates has held a special meaning for generations. Many probably go back to the Neolithic, to the time when our stone-age ancestors first settled in small communities, built shrines, observed the stars and planets, and were totally integrated into the natural rythms of the world.

A Healing Circle
Each Healing Circle will consist of several things : First, I will be sending distance Reiki to each member of our Circle. Second, I will carry out Fire ceremony, and I encourage each member of our Circle to carry out their own ritual, setting aside their own sacred space and sacred time, to connect with both the Season and the Group.

In addition, I will create an original drawing or Mandala for each Circle. A digital copy of this drawing will be sent to each member as a token of your participation via email. Each year I will create a collection of 8 original Mandalas combining photography and drawing, to celebrate each date in our eight-fold calendar.

I invite each member to leave a message, a text or poem, or send an image from their own experience, so that each member of the Circle can leave a trace on the Healing Circle Blog – our experiences can be shared thanks to the Greater Circle of the web.

As a contribution and exchange for the healing offered, participation in each Healing Circle will be £18. A subscription to join all 8 Healings in the year can also be made for £108 (reduced from £144)

This can be paid via paypal through the link below :

The Healing Circle

Once I have received confirmation that you wish to join the Circle, you will receive a message prior to our Healing. If you are not yet a member of The Healing Circle, please fill out the subscription form below, and you can then receive our mailings.

Thank you for taking time to read about The Healing Circle, I look forwards to meeting you soon around the fire ! Our first Circle will take place at Yule – 21/22 December 2015

Dates for The First Healing Circle Year are :

Yule – 21/22 December 2015
– 1/2 February 2016
the Spring Equinox – 21/22 March 2016
– 1 May 2016
the Summer Solstice – 20/21 June 2016
1/2 August 2016
– the Autumn Equinox, 21/22 September 2016
Samhain – 31 October 2016

See you there !

Reiki III Practitioner and Healer,
Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho

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